• Ed Halsey

Your ego is killing your business

I really insulted somebody last week!

Most of you who know me are thinking; "well, that sounds par for the course" or perhaps even "just the one person this week?" and you're not far wrong. What can I say? It's a gift.

But, they took it like a champ. I mean they literally didn't bat an eyelid, because ultimately they needed to choose to take offence to what I was saying. Simply that I felt somebody else was a better choice than them to maximise an opportunity that had presented itself to them. They got it and (I think) they appreciated it.

So picture the scene - you have a big conference coming up after COVID. Let's call it "DIDA".

There'll be thousands of people and you've paid £20,000 of your marketing budget towards having a stand. So who is going to be on the stand for the day, treating guests and trying to start conversations?

Well it's got to be the leadership team, right? They earnt that right to be front and centre.


Bin that notion of entitlement. Bin their egos and bin yours.

Just because you're CEO, doesn't mean you're likeable. In fact more often than not, I've found it to mean quite the opposite. Likewise with the rest of your C-Suite. If you're an introverted, prickly or people don't tend to gravitate towards you.....send your social butterflies out to flutter.

Send those with the biggest smiles. The kindest eyes. The warmest body language.

Empower those who love small talk, enjoy the company of others and can very quickly turn strangers into friends to fulfil the role for you.

"But Jim needs to be there because he knows everybody"

Well if Jim already knows them, what use is that? By all means, send him to the event and let him have his meetings and show his face, but don't have him there trying to meet new people.

Because guess what Jim will do. He'll spend the whole day in his comfort zone chatting to the people he knows and not driving any new conversations. That's just the nature of the beast.

Likewise, think about opportunities for social engagements or days out with insurers or clients.

Don't go "because your CEO" or base any decisions on seniority, send the person who will get you the result you want, which is to strengthen the relationship between the two entities.

Do you agree that ego defined by seniority sometimes gets in the way of making the right decision for the business?

Don't let it.

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