• Ed Halsey

Who are you actually selling to?

Technology vendors must stop selling to the business and to start selling to the personas in the room.

Stop selling generically and start selling specifically.

You'll typically encounter 8 key stakeholders;

👩‍💼 CEO/Managing Director

👨‍💼 COO/Head of Operations

👩‍💼 CFO/Finance Director

👨‍💼 CCO/Head of Sales (and Marketing)

👩‍💼 CUO/Underwriting Manager

👨‍💼 CIO/Head of Data Governance

👩‍💼 CTO/Head of IT/IT Director

👨‍💼 Head of Innovation

Each of those stakeholders cares about completely different things. That means you must include slides that speak to each of them and show them the parts of your offering that resonate.

What are their personal pain points? What story can you tell that they will identify with and what testimonials substantiate your claims?

If your sales team talk about their "standard deck" or demo, they're selling generically.

This market is the hardest it's ever been to sell into, so now is the time to double down on your sales strategy. Doing what you've always done will, against the common phrase, not continue to deliver the results you've always seen - they'll be worse.

How persona-centric is your sales pitch when selling to customers?





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