• Ed Halsey

Top 5 Tips For Social Media

I'm pretty prolific on social media.

In fact, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of my LinkedIn connections must have muted me by now.

But for those wonderful few who haven't, here are my Top 5 tips on how you can make the most out of social media without running yourself into the ground;

  1. Have a dedicated day and time that you set aside for content and reschedule your content for the next week/fortnight. That enables you to focus on your day job for the working week and not be constantly heading back on to social media. For me, social media is a 'downtime' pursuit to be tackle reactively when you're on the train, making coffee or walking the dog. Don't let it eat into your work hours. For those wondering, mine is Sunday evenings - don't want to eat into those golden hours of the working week! Have a notepad on your desk and whenever you think of an idea that would be good for social media, scribble it down. See if you still feel the same way once your dedicated time slots come around. Put out your best ideas first. I actually use Window's built-in "Sticky Notes" for this.

  2. Test everything! Work out what your unique audience do and don't like. Win and lose quickly by doubling down on your popular content and sacking off the bad stuff. Be honest what the end goal is. Do likes actually mean anything or is there a greater purpose? Getting 50 comments are wonderful...but are they going to lead to anything?

  3. Make and nurture new friends. It's social media, after all. The whole point is to talk about things that interest people and start subsequent conversations with them. Now don't do that with the mentality of selling to them, but instead with the sole purpose of finding out more about them, the industry and their businesses. The rest will come in time.

  4. Experts will tell me I'm wrong on this, but I connect to EVERYBODY. If they ask, I connect. Why wouldn't I? Every conversation is positive. Sure, a lot will immediately pitch me, so I immediately send them back my latest video. Suddenly I have a new viewer on my channel. Any chance to engage with somebody can be turned into some sort of net positive for you.

  5. Stop curating content and start creating it. Video, in particular, is THE best way to contact and speak to your customers right now, when done right. A webcam and a £20 ring light can take you an awfully long way in creating your first content. Think you won't be any good at it? You won't be. You'll be dreadful. But every subsequent thing you do after will be slightly better. If you did it every day, how quickly would you become very, very good at it? It's sooner than you think.

Those are my top tips. What are yours?

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