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The Future of Insurance Technology (Part 1)

Technology continues to move at a pace like we've never known and for many, it's moving too fast to keep up with. In this series of posts, we're going to shine a spotlight on Insurance Technology that you may not have become aware of yet, but that we think you'll love.

Check out our first three recommendations!


Risk Solved


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The company launched in 2016 aiming to help carriers to improve their portfolio profitability and they've done just that!

Their technology has enabled customers to improve their loss ratio by as much as 20% whilst also cutting survey costs in two. They can provide a single view of a client's risk profile, making analysis of their whole portfolio far easy, streamlining the end-to-end risk management process. But the really exciting stuff lies within their customer self-assessment and video survey capabilities.

Amelia by IPSoft


Lots of people say they have a chatbot when in reality, it's a textual question set presented as one. There is nothing cognitive or conversational about it at all.

But when I first saw a demo of Amelia, or more specifically spoke to her, I was blown away by how conversational the engagement felt. When I saw what was happening behind the scenes, I was blown away as I watched Amelia transcribing the phone conversation perfectly and interpreting my tone of voice in real time to trigger responses. And I didn't have to speak to "her" in order, I could jump around the conversation as humans do and she seemed to follow.



Click here to watch Dave Connors on Vendor Spotlight

They call themselves "The Future of Delegated Authority" and offer an automated back office for insurance distributors. If phrases like binder management, granular risk auditing and configurable data models get your heartbeat racing (and how could they not?), Distribind offer solutions for carriers, brokers and MGAs with a heavy focus on automation.


What a great three to start with. Risk management, chatbots and binder management - don't say we don't spoil you with varied content!

But the big question is; have you come across an awesome solution that you think people should be aware of that might currently be flying under the radar? If so, what makes it so special and stand out from its peers?

Make sure to let us know so that we can include them in the next part of the series.

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