• Ed Halsey

Social media is making my head hurt...

I like to think I'm pretty good at social media, but the ever-moving goalposts are starting to melt my brain.

You can really start to see why entire companies are being created to help to layman navigate this area. But that in itself is wrong because as soon as you have to outsource (to gain understanding) you lose the authenticity and social element that it's meant to be here for.

We're often told the time of day is vital to maximising engagement, but now that LinkedIn has changed their algorithm and prioritise content that gets drip fed engagement over a number of days, that's not important. In fact, my content could be shown to anybody at any moment in time, dependent on when LinkedIn deems it important.

That algorithm has bought other changes to the content requirements. Because you now don't know when people will see it, we're moving towards content that is "dateless" and evergreen. News and topical content are being pushed out, in favour of blogs and guides that offer long term value. Yet, the stats I've seen still suggest people don't often read the majority of this content, preferring to like the snappier, personal, "in the moment" posts.

Now, look at video. To get the maximum engagement, I need to create 10-minute videos and post them natively (upload to their platform directly) onto LinkedIn. Why 10 minutes? Because that's the maximum file length they allow. Yet, when I want to post a video on YouTube, they generally prefer and prioritise (and certainly only monetise) 30+ minutes of content. So I'm left torn on what to create. Can you edit a 30-minute video down to 10 minutes and keep the essence? Certainly not as an amateur poster. Plus regularly producing 30 minutes of content is a TALL ask for somebody who isn't doing it as their day job.

So what's my point?

Well, just to highlight how tough it is out there for people new to the platform. There is such a steep learning curve and really, the idea should be the level the playing field, not make it accessible to only those with the greatest attention spans and time to dedicate to the craft.

Equally, the importance of producing regular, varied content that enables you to hit multiple platforms and broaden your audience. Or....would it be crazy to just focus on a single platform really well and just produce the content those people want to see? I'd love your thoughts on that.

But honestly, it makes my head hurt.

Thank goodness I'm Human Paracetemol, eh?

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