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Silver Bullets - Modern Day Content-Led Lead Generation

This year has been the toughest in sales that most of us, other than those selling PPE and the like, will ever have experienced, as businesses grind to a halt and procrastination is prevalent.

So many of us are looking for silver bullets. Something that can give us a competitive advantage over our peers, help us cut through the noise and stand out in our prospects' inboxes.

The problem is that without training or preparation, the modern sales professional is having to learn to do things differently than they did in years gone by. Their bag of tricks is having to be deeper than ever and they're having to find new and interesting ways to access customers.

Part of that strategy should be to adopt a content marketing approach to lead gen, something I've been able to do in great effect throughout 2020 and will double-down on for 2021.

For this, I've tried and tested lots of different approaches and have now developed a C.U.R.V.E approach to content-led marketing. "But what is CURVE?!" I hear you ask.

C for Consistency

Don't post sporadically like most people. Have fixed times that you always post and preschedule that content so that your connections know what to expect and when. Consistency gives you the best chance of being visible to customers throughout the year.

U for Unique

Stop sharing the same things that everybody else is and learn to stand out, whether that's in tone, visuals and point-of-view. And start being in that unique 2% of LinkedIn users who create, rather than regurgitate other people's content. Aim to be the person being shared. Furthermore, produce content that only you can.

R for Real

Be yourself, be authentic and never settle for anything else. Be the version of you that you are in and out of work and offer honest and frank opinions from your perspective, but always be open to other viewpoints. Invite discussion on that, in fact.

V for Vulnerable

Enable yourself to be vulnerable, put your neck out there, do things that others aren't brave enough to do and you'll find the level of support you receive from your network will be high. Equally, they'll be forgiving when you get things wrong, knowing that you were brave enough to try something they wouldn't.

E for Engagement

This is absolutely the one that people neglect - engage with other people's content! So many people use social media as a self-serving thing, an opportunity for them to talk but never to listen. Don't be that person. For every tweet you post or piece of content you produce, try to find 10 other people to comment on. Not just your friends, but new people posting content on which you can add value to the conversation. Likes are cheap, always comments and aim to be interesting enough that you tap into that person's audience and drive curious listeners to your own page.

As a one-man-band, I've used this methodology to uncover more than £150k of consulting opportunities in the final quarter of 2020 alone, in addition to £1.2m of potential opportunities for my customers.

If you want to know more about what that really means and how to apply it to your business, let's chat and get you ahead of the C.U.R.V.E for 2021!

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