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Podcast Takeaways

I appreciate that for some, my 70-minute podcast with Tony Canas of Insurance Nerds earlier in the week might well be a big ask. That is an awful lot of listening to me waffle, but I've included the video below.

However, I wanted to share with you some of the key takeaways that I thought might prove interesting topics of conversation;

  • If you want a certain type of content on LinkedIn, engage with it. Vote with your fingers.

  • Your employer cannot dictate anything about your LinkedIn profile, their own T&C's say that.

  • If your employer doesn't want you to have a personal brand, they don't understand marketing.

  • Create and engage with the things that you (truly) wish more people were sharing.

  • Stop shouting at strangers in bars with your content and being so self-centred.

  • Success came when I stopped worrying about haters and doubled down my cheerleaders.

  • Stop thinking so transactionally and be willing to give your time for free without immediate payoff.

  • Build yourself a tribe

  • "Chats" are underrated - network more. That doesn't mean listen to lots of sales pitches.

  • You don't know as many people as you think you do - the market is vast.

  • The larger your market, the less perfect your sales messaging needs to be.

  • People aren't likely to be offended, they just might not connect with your messaging.

  • There is a huge difference between switching people off to your brand and failing to engage somebody who wasn't engaged in the first place. Never fear the latter.

  • Follow people, not brands.

  • If you don't like opinions and aren't willing to defend your own; Twitter is not for you.

  • Insurance needs a central body to PR, promote and market the insurance industry externally

  • The words professional and entertaining don't have to be mutually exclusive.

  • Our inability to attract talent is impacted by our failure to manage diversity and inclusion.

  • This is not a problem unique to insurance, but it is particularly prevalent.

  • Covid proved that change was being resisted and that insurers can act with agility.

  • Age shouldn't be a barrier to leadership and it creates a vicious cycle

  • Insurance is an industry full of potential, that has flirted with greatness but has never achieved it.

Do any of these jump out at you and give you a different perspective?

What tip are you going to take away from this?

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