• Ed Halsey

Don't be an askhole...

I want to add a new word to your daily vernacular because it something you must go out of your way to ensure you never are - an askhole.

"What on earth is an askhole?!" I hear you cry!

An askhole is somebody who directly asks your opinion on something with absolutely no intention in letting your impending answer affect their course of action.

😡 They're the people who ask you how to lose weight, then eat cake for breakfast.

😡 They ask you what colour car to buy, then get the colour they wanted to anyway.

😡 They ask you how to deal with a situation, then do it their own way regardless.

In fact, the askhole has long since decided on their course of action and is not, in fact, asking you for your opinion, but asking you to validate and approve theirs.

When you offer your opinion, they'll often get try to persuade you around to their point of view and ignore the argument you've made for yours.

When they're not getting the answer they want, they'll usually end the conversation by literally hopping to another person who they feel they'll be able to get agreement from more easily. Sometimes they'll even Askhole you again by saying something like "I should probably ask Dawn about this, right? Yeah, I'm going to definitely ask Dawn."

You can picture the conversation now;

"I should probably just text her to split up, right?"

"No Dave, that would be awful, impersonal and disrespectful..."

The next sentence nearly always begins with "Yeah, but..."

Don't be like Dave. Dave is an askhole. If you ask an opinion, be prepared to listen to the answer, whether or not it's the one you hoped for. Dave doesn't have many friends.

Do you know any askholes? (Please don't @ them, I don't want to cause World War 3)

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