• Ed Halsey

Are we driving our sales teams to failure?

One of the best bits of advice I was ever given when I was starting out in the big wide world of business was this;

Double down on what you're good at, accept the things you're not.

And that got me thinking. One of the most common stereotypes about salespeople is that they're rubbish at admin, but (you'd hope) amazing at selling.

So why do organisations insist on creating big, cumbersome Salesforce cadences of constant reporting, spreadsheet filling and note transcription?

You're taking your salespeople away from revenue generation, the thing they're exceptional at and the expertise that you're paying them for, to force them to do something they hate, that requires a different skillset and eats into their selling time.

So inspired by Michael Price's suggestion on my recent podcast about salespeople being given a budget....why not hire them an assistant? Someone who can follow them around, take notes, update reports and generally keep everything in order, so give the salespeople to the room to double down on what they're great at?

And the added bonus is that when the salesperson eventually leaves you still have someone who knows the existing deals inside out and you've likely trained up your next junior salesperson in the process!

What do you think?

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